3 Reasons Why New York Should Be Your Number One Destination In The US!

With so much to see in New York City, it’s no wonder that people rate it the number one destination in the United States. From the moment you step off your plane, you’re greeted with an iconic skyline filled with buildings jutting out into clouds. But, it’s not just about the urban landscape that draws us to New York, the people are what makes this city standout.

No one can deny the influence New York has on the rest of the country and in the world. So many personalities and so much energy fills this city with life. This is where dreams are made and ideas are born, this is New York City!

Places to Go

times-square-nyNew York is practically its own little country within a country. It has so much diversity in it that you can literally never visit all the restaurants in one lifetime. Then, you have all the different cultures that all have a story to tell; just visiting the different boroughs can be like sampling NY’s pages of history. You’re probably going to want to be on at least 1 of the major tour guides to really appreciate the scope of just how deep this city’s roots go.

You could also just dive right in to the heart of New York: Times Square. Never a dull moment to be had where the famous New Year’s Eve Ball drops. You can find the Rockefeller Center not too far away. If you’re really a lover for tall buildings, climb up the Empire State building to get the best view of the city. While you’re up there, you may notice another great view at the famous Statue of Liberty. These New York landmarks just can’t be missed on your first trip to the city.

Things to Do

When you’re not busy looking up at all the buildings, you’re going to want to try to experience some of the New York life for yourself. NY is consistently rated the best in the world when it comes to restaurants, shopping, and night life. It’s the city that never sleeps, so good luck at being bored during your stay. In New York, there are countless museums and performing arts centers to be entertained by the best creative minds in the world. If you don’t prefer all the big stage theatrics, you could always pop into any one of the clubs or bars where musicians are born every day.

People to See

When visiting New York, you’re almost bound to meet somebody famous there. If you’re in Times Square, you’ll probably be Pond at Night, Central Parkrubbing shoulders with a star and not even know it. One of those celebrities, who became famous out of sheer will and charisma is the Naked Cowboy. You can’t miss him, so be sure to get your picture taken with one of NY’s finest entertainers!

If you’re having trouble finding where the biggest names of New York reside at, you could grab yourself a star map or hang out where they are often spotted. Restaurants like “The Spotted Pig,” “The Lion,” or “ABC Kitchen.” The last one actually stands for “Always Bursting with Celebrities.” Most people say that it’s much easier to spot famous people in New York than strolling in Hollywood. This is mostly due to the much denser population, but it also has to do with the city’s charm as well. The city is always buzzing, so it’s just not as feasible for paparazzi to travel in large packs to keep tabs on celebrities.

Therefore, celebrities often feel more comfortable visiting their favorite sandwich shops or pizza parlors.

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