5 Traditional Foods You Should Eat When You Visit France!

France has world-renowned bakeries and restaurants littered all over the place. Aside from consulting with the locals, there’s just no way to devour all the best food that France as to offer. This is a guide that should help point you towards the best and most iconic foods that you just can’t miss. You’ll be glad you didn’t miss some of the best in French cuisine!


Ok, caramel is easily one of the most overlooked sweets in France. The amount of texture and flavor they put into these candies is unbelievable and will change the way you look at caramel. It’s not just an afterthought on some other desert, it IS desert!

Bordier Butter

I didn’t say that this list was for those on a diet, so why not include the worst possible ingredient for all diets? Ok, that’s not what I was actually thinking, but this butter is not your mom’s stick butter. This Bordier butter has its identity. It’s so rich and so creamy that you’ll probably eat an entire baguette in order to sate your cravings. Butter is evil, especially Bordier Butter from France!


The French baguette is a piece of art. It’s crafted with the love and care that you will never find in your local grocery store at home. The journey it takes your sense on is like sticking an entire bakery in your face. When shopping for one in France, keep your eyes on the shape of the baguettes, as the more rounded edges are a sign that a machine has touched them. The quality will still be good enough to eat, but the hand-made baguettes have a much superior texture.


Most of the time you’ll eat these in America and they really end up just being a lemon-flavored cookie. The ones in France are more like eating lemon-flavored angel cakes. The filling alone is an amazing piece of culinary artistry. The texture, the flavors, everything has to be perfect to maintain that deliciously light decadence that can only come from a skilled chef.


One thing you’ll never have trouble finding in France is bread and cheese. Cheese varied and plentiful. You can even stop by a cheese shop like Laurent Dubois and speak to a cheese expert to help you pick out a cheese bundle and, of course, taste test the world of cheese. You’ll be surprised at just how deep the cheese holes can go.

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