4 Hidden Extraordinary Places You Must Discover in Europe!

Europe is so full of interesting places that even when you think you’ve seen everything that there is to see, more new places pop up that you’ve never even heard of before. It just takes a little time and effort to seek out these hidden gems and once you get there, the feeling of exploration is worth every second of planning. Here’s a few places that should keep you busy.

1. Lodz, Poland8076456048_0ddd61e920_z

This is an unspoken, secret art hub of Europe. Lodz has a rich entertainment hub of the arts; Polish cinema, performing arts, live theater, and don’t forget the art of the culinary cuisine. The main street of Piotrkowska is one of the longest sprawling streets on the continent. You’ll be hard-pressed to run out of things to do, places to go, and people to meet in Lodz, Poland. While most only check out Warsaw, Lodz is still the 3rdlargest city in Poland with all the trappings of a capital and twice the charm.

2. Ikaria, Greeceikaria-greece

The isle of Ikaria is one of the many little corners of Greece that is an excellent way to experience the beauty of the country, while avoiding the large crowds of tourists. It takes 6 hours to reach it by ferry via Athens, but it’s worth the trip. Once you arrive, you’ll be treated by all the serenity that surrounds these majestic beaches. You’ll also find plenty of staple Greek foods, brought in fresh from the sea. It’s a huge break from modern civilization where everyone is laid back and clocks are irrelevant.

3. Colmar, Francecolmar2-france

You won’t believe your eyes when you set foot in this old, quiet little town in France. Its hybrid French/Bavarian culture make this city stand out. The architecture is a vintage European flavor with more colors than a crayon box. It gets even better during the holidays when the entire place is transformed into living versions of those Christmas villages you see in shopping malls. You’ll find traditional food and handmade gifts to take a piece of this fairytale village back home with you to your friends and family.

4. Isle of Lewis, ScotlandIsle-of-Lewis

Now, the scale of this European landmark doesn’t really make for an easy thing to hide, however, it does often get overlooked by travelers. What lies on this partial island is the impressive Callanish Stones, which immediately remind you have the more famous Easter Island’s monuments. They are just as impressive and just as exciting to witness up close. Although, they aren’t as much of a mystery as this monument was erected to embellish a burial chamber down below. Borrowing cues from the Egyptians, which is an odd sight to behold all the way North in Scotland.

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