5 Of The World’s Best Train Trips!

Trains are majestic metal beasts. The rhythmic sound of them churning past the landscape; the power and grace. Most of us grow up wanting to ride them as kids. As adults that allure doesn’t really go away, we just kind of forget that they’re a means of travel, as opposed to flying by plane. The choice to travel by train has to be intentional and not just financial. Here are some train rides that will provide more than just a means of getting from point A to B.

Oriental Expressoriental-express

Why not travel from Bangkok to Singapore, and vice-versa, in-style? This is a train like no other, providing a smooth ride with luxurious trappings that you’d never find in one of those aluminum flying tubes in the sky. Rich tapestries and 5-Star dining allows you to travel like royalty while the beautiful architecture passes around you in a fairytale blur. Before you know it, you’ll be back to boring, old concrete slabs. You could always just turn around and go back, right?

Southern Spirit

The world famous train in Australia that has appeared in numerous movies and music. It’s quite the elusive beast as there are a limited amount of trips scheduled every year. This is a pure pleasure cruise as they stop at all the major tourist destinations along the way to let passengers experience the diverse Australian Outback. The tickets aren’t cheap and you’ll want to plan for it in-advanced to get the most out of your trip, but, in the end, you won’t regret it.

the-canadianThe Canadian

Well, we know where this one is heading. America’s neighbors to the north may seem like just one big ice bowl forest, but there’s actually a pretty diverse landscape that is best appreciated from a train ride. It’s a good thing that their trains are totally awesome! This train traverses the Rockies, Canada’s farmland, and past the frozen lakes. You’re guaranteed to spot plenty of animals along the way, too. Bears, meese, beavers, and all sorts of other critters can be spotted in the wild, majestic Canadian landscape.

Glacier Expressglacier-express-swiss

This train ride is so invigorating and the same time calming. The 8 hour ride only sounds like a long time on paper, as once you step off, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of a dream. It really is quite the journey, you’ll cross hundreds of bridges and tunnels, literally. The ability to traverse the mountains and valleys will have you saying “wow” and making audible gasps on multiple occasions. The train provides lots of viewable real estate with its transparent roofs. The Swiss really outdo themselves on the Glacier Express.

Pride of Africa

This is a train ride you just can’t afford to miss. That’s both figuratively and literally, considering where you’re at. This is a luxury that no average person can afford in Africa, but it would be a real tragedy if you passed up the opportunity to witness Africa’s beauty that is found nowhere else in the world. This train ride is expensive, but serves as the ultimate safari adventure during your stay, allowing you to really take in a huge scope of the homeland of mankind.

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